About Me

My wife and I on our Wedding Day

Thank you for checking out my page! I am currently working on updating, rearranging, and rewriting the posts for this blog. I am looking forward to sharing the updates with each of you! When the page is updated I will be sure to let you know on Facebook and Twitter. In the meantime here is some brief information about me below.

My name is Bryan Stafford and I am a Follower of Christ who is dedicated to fully living out The Mission of Christ.  I am married to a beautiful woman and love growing in my walk with Christ with her by my side.  We have two children Rylan and Kaylee who have given me a greater understanding of the Fathers love for us, and one more on the way!   I believe we have all been called to help people find Jesus and follow Him fully. I am currently the Connecting Director at The Journey where I do this by helping people grow spiritually through gathering, connecting, and serving. My life is centered on Christ and I am excited to continue my walk with Him as I grow in my faith and draw others to Him.